2016-09-27 16:39:34

Using Straw or Paper Products, Make the Environment Better W


        In these recent  two or three decades, more and more oil exploitation make the environmental degradation . Many primitive tribes'  living environment which rely on fishing have been destoried. 

    After another investigation, the USA need four earth's resources to meet their development, the Europe need two earth, China and India botn need one earth, but will increase.

     These problems caused the attention all over the world. The Pachamama Alliance held an Environmental protection public lecture in qingdao. It said how to reduce the environmental pressure. It's sponsored and organized by the QINGDAO CHAMBER OF E-COMMERCE. Here is the volunteer certificate:



Many company attend, we also attend. 

This is a donation sign, when you donate, you will get one. 

  In this public lecture, using the straw products or paper products, also a good way to reduce the environment pressure. It will be resloved by soil, no harmful for environment.

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